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Zakat Donation for Healthcare

Zakat Donation for Healthcare not only helps individuals but makes society more equitable by making facilities available for everyone. Healthcare is a basic necessity that each individual requires no matter what their background or financial status is.

Underprivileged people who can’t afford healthcare succumb to their illnesses because of limited means.

You can help a person who’s at the brink of losing their life, help them get a life-changing procedure, or help them get their child delivered safely, all by giving your Zakat donation to Patel Hospital.

How Patel Hospital Uses Your Zakat Donation to Help People

Patel Hospital has high-quality facilities and equipment that are not limited to people who can pay for them. We use your Zakat Donations to provide the facilities and equipment to patients who have limited means and require above-par healthcare.

Patel Hospital has a burns unit that provides par excellence care to burns victims. Burns treatment is expensive and burns victims are in a life-threatening situation requiring immediate care. This unit is made available for all patients through your Zakat Donations.

Patel Hospital also provides lifesaving surgeries and procedures to underprivileged patients using your Zakat Donations without any neglect towards the patient. Our doctors and staff are kept unaware whether who they’re treating is a Zakat patient to prevent any bias that may compromise the healthcare of a Zakat patient.

During the year 2020-21 Patel Hospital successfully treated 26,500 patients who were underprivileged and eligible for zakat. We collected and spent PKR. 209,000,000 that helped us treat these patients who were struggling for life.

You can contribute to the good cause of making healthcare accessible for everyone by donating your Zakat to Patel Hospital. Keep our welfare wing running and help us save more lives through crucial surgeries and treatments with your aid.

Our Details for Online Zakat Donation

Meezan Bank Ltd.

  • Title of Account
  • Patel Foundation – Zakat
  • PKR Account # 01240104437864
  • IBAN # PK95MEZN0001240104437864
  • Khayaban-e-Shamsheer Branch, Karachi, Pakistan.

Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Ltd.

  • Title of Account
  • Patel Foundation (Patel Hospital Zakat A/C)
  • PKR Account # 0102448049018
  • IBAN # PK44AIIN0000102448049018
  • Jodia Bazar Branch, Karachi, Pakistan.

Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd.

  • Title of Account 
  • Zakat A/C Patel Foundation (Patel Hospital)
  • PKR Account # 6-01-14-20311-714-116491
  • IBAN # PK44MPBL0114027140116491
  • Gulshan-e-Iqbal Branch, Karachi, Pakistan.

MCB Bank Ltd.

  • Title of Account 
  • Patel Foundation Zakat & Col. A/C.
  • Collection Account Number: 0903555141003242
  • Main Account Number: 0000201010104633
  • IBAN # PK22MUCB0000201010104633
  • Jodia Bazar Branch, Karachi, Pakistan.

For Zakat collection from home, place a call at: 0333 333 9705

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